As I was drinking water someone called me and I got startled the glass slipped from my hand and hit so hard on the floor, that it broke into innumerable pieces, pieces so tiny that it was almost impossible to figure out which piece goes where, there was entire mess on the floor and IContinue reading “Pieces”

Can We Change This?

I mean no offence to anyone, it is just my view point of a stereotype household in India and just presentation of my thoughts in form of a few words. You are allowed to have your own perspective and I respect them irrespective of whatever they are. It is no personal attack on anyone. SheContinue reading “Can We Change This?”

Dear Self,….

It is so strange, that we are the hardest on ourselves, we see what others achieve and what others do but we forget how hard we ourselves work to get where we are! We always praise others and tell them how well they did, I wonder why we can’t do it with ourselves? It isContinue reading “Dear Self,….”

The Button…

Encountered a problem with my electronic device, all it required was some formatting and rebooting and then it worked alright. It made me think what if formatting and rebooting was an aspect of human life! It would have been like the moment when something went wrong, just press a button and all gone! Start everythingContinue reading “The Button…”

That One Moment.

It is a priceless moment; When you are happy everything just seem so right Even though it might in real sense not be very correct. It is like a field full of butterflies Such a pleasure to your eyes Yet you’re afraid to go closer as you might scare them all. It comes with thatContinue reading “That One Moment.”


two weeks before their arrival they send out an intimation, However, they always forget to intimate the date they are arriving on. Not really a surprise but their arrival always remain a surprise. apart from hurting my stomach they hurt my poor brain too!! and since all this is just not enough I got toContinue reading “AND THEY CAME AGAIN!!”

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